Color frame whiteboard (31021)

Product Name: Color frame Whiteboard (31021)
Model NO.: 31021
Origin: CHINA
Packing: CTN
Minimum Order: 1000PCS
Supply Ability: 5000PCS PER MONTH

1. MDF paper wrapped frame, frame colors can be various in different color.
2. Easy to write and erase
3. Smooth and durable
4. standard sizes: 400x300mm,450x300mm, 600x400mm, 600x450mm, 800x600mm, 900x600mm
5. ISO9001 approved
6. Cometitive OEM
MDF frame magnetic whiteboard
1. Writing function: writing in marker pen on the whiteboard at will.
2. Supplementary presentation tools: marker pen, eraser enable you to push forward the key point easily.
3. Background: you can use a whiteboard, a blackboard or the customized templates as the background under different circumstances.
Originally innovated, comprehensively tested and approved by the Nation Ministry of Education, the National Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Computer Test Center.
1. Tolerant design and great quality, high reliability.
2. Long life of up to 100,000 hours, not limited for frequency use.
3. Proprietary structure, feel more real.
4. Handy for preserving information
5. Offer you greater flexibility in the application fields.

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