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Production of Pins / Thumbtacks Push Pins 
Our robust and colourful thumbtacks are ideal for attaching documents, notes or cards to pin boards, cork boards and other display surfaces. They are characterized by their durability and versatility, making them perfect for use in the office or at home.
Production of Magnets 
We offer high-quality magnets in a variety of shapes and sizes that are suitable for both office and home use. These magnets are strong and reliable, ideal for attaching documents to magnetafel/boards or refrigerators.
Production of Table Glass Boards
Our sleek and functional glass desk boards are perfect for brainstorming sessions and taking important notes. These stylish boards offer a smooth writing surface and fit perfectly into modern work environments.
Production of Boards with wooden frame 
These classic board/board with wooden frames combine a natural aesthetic with high functionality. Ideal for both offices and private use, they add a stylish look to any room.
Production of Boards with MDF frame 
Our boards/boards with a medium density fiberboard (MDF) frame offer a durable and cost-effective solution for all your display needs. They are robust and offer a uniform writing surface that is suitable for a wide range of applications.
Production of Boards with MDF or aluminium frames 
The result is increased durability and an attractive design that will look great in any modern office.
Production of Boards with aluminium frames 
Our sleek and professional boards with aluminum frames are specially designed for modern office environments. They offer an elegant solution for presentations and note-taking that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Production of Markers - Whiteboard Markers 
Our high-performance whiteboard markers ensure smooth writing and are easy to wipe off all whiteboard surfaces. They are ideal for everyday use in the office, schools or at home.
Production of Markers - Glass - Window Markers 
These versatile markers are specially designed for writing on glass and windows. They offer vibrant colors and are effortless to remove, making them perfect for creative and temporary lettering.
Production of Magnets - also neodymium magnets 
Our neodymium magnets, encased in stainless steel, offer a strong magnetic force and are suitable for all types of magnetic boards/boards and refrigerators.

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We supply business customers from various industries. The delivery of small quantities to private individuals is not planned.


We offer various marker pens, including highlighters, dry-erase marker pens, liquid chalk markers, and metallic marker pens. Size and descriptions can be found in the photos.

Table Top Glass Board

The tabletop glass boards are ideal for office and home applications. They are made of tempered glass and a plastic storage box. You can write on the glass boards, or you can place a computer keyboard on them. Other stationery can be stored in the plastic storage box to keep the desk clean.

Magnets 5

Stainless steel magnetic covers with strong magnetic core, suitable for all kinds of magnetic boards and refrigerators.
Color: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel magnetic covers with strong magnetic core, suitable for all kinds of magnetic boards and refrigerators. Color: Stainless Steel